Welcome to GBAqua . The genesis of GBAqua came from Mark Ingley, GBAqua's founder.

Mark received his BS in Marine Biology from the University of West Florida at Pensacola, Florida in 1982. Mark completed post graduate courses in Shrimp Pathology (Dr. Donald Lightner of the University of Arizona) and Water Quality Management for Aquaculture (Dr. Claude Boyd of Auburn University).

Mark Ingley first worked in a small backyard hatchery for the freshwater prawn known as Macrobrachium rosenbergii located in a small town at the tip of a peninsula extending into Pensacola Bay named Gulf Breeze. With the Bay on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other side, there was often a gentle tropical breeze that caressed this little town in the panhandle of Florida. It was here that his passion for aquaculture, his lover of seafood and his desire to be a responsible custodians of our water planet was born.

Mark started to work in a commercial hatchery in Panama City, Florida in 1984; feeding and caring for shrimp larvae and later shipping the PL’s down to Ecuador. In 1987, Mark was contracted to move to Ecuador to design, construct and manage a hatchery for a period of two years. Seven years later and after consulting for several hatcheries, Mark Ingley was designing and building several more hatcheries and owned one of his own. Mark was offered a temporary position for a large Mexican hatchery located at the northernmost point of the Gulf of California which allowed him to move back to the USA.

In 1994, Mark started working for the larval feed company “Microfeast” and traveled the world providing seminars to hatchery technicians, managers and owners about larval nutrition, Artemia uses, shrimp diseases, water quality, management styles and the intricacies of shrimp maturation production. A Brine Shrimp Egg Company acquired Microfeast in 1997 and Mark Ingley was then relocated to Salt Lake City where he held the position of MD in the company and helped them gain worldwide recognition.

After more than 20 years of experience, Mark Ingley started GBAqua in 2005 with the commitment to provide not only valuable knowledge on larviculture, but also a steady and consistent supply of a broad range of high quality, yet economical hatchery feeds.

Global Presense

- Thailand
- China
- Mexico
- Bangladesh
- India
- Saudia arabia
- Ecuador
- Venezuala
- Honduras
- Vietnam
- Indonesia
- Australia
- Canada